Meet Our Tutors

Meet Our Tutors

Shaykh Bodrul Hussain


After obtaining a degree in Economics, he enrolled at a local Islamic seminary and was issued a certificate for completing the 7-year course according to the traditional Dars Nizami.

In addition to teaching in the maktab, he teaches Arabic Language, Tafsir of the Quran, and Fiqh lessons. Additionally, he collaborates with a group of scholars involved in the translation of numerous Arabic texts into English.

His prior experience includes working in the Media, the Education sector, and the NHS. He currently works as a Technical Consultant for a Software company.



Currently located in Birmingham, England, he has completed Ḥifdh of the Qur’ān under local teachers and is currently completing the Darse Nizāmī syllabus.

He has also studied and is studying the Maqūlāt (logical sciences), including Mantiq, Kalam & Falsafah). From amongst his teachers in Maqūlāt are Shaykh Muhammad Akram Abu Ghosh & Shaykh Abdul Razzaq Mosameh.

He holds various ijāzāt, including all the naqliyyat & aqliyyat from the Dehlawī tradition.

Junaid Adnan Kiyani


Born in Germany and later moved to the UK with his brother for islamic studies. He completed his Hifdh of the Qur'ān in the institute of islamic education, Dewsbury. Thereafter, he left the institution and began his journey in studying islamic sciences.

He has been studying Kalām and 'Aqīdah/Islamic Theology since 2021 under individual teachers (some of them are below). With that he also is still doing the 'Ālimiyyah Curriculum at Madrasah As-Sunnah (Germany).

Outside of the Darse Nizāmi module, he has studied individually under Shuyūkh and taken Ijāzah from them.

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